I love the comfort that a boyfriend can bring. Not only do you feel supported and safe knowing that you are next to someone that you love, you also know that no matter what, they will be there for you.

Just Love : Partners

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Love Letters
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Today I was sitting in one of my many subjects at uni and was answering a question when all of a sudden a familiar buzz radiated out of my right pants pocket. My mobile. At first I let it be, thinking that it may have been just an email, and that I would get to it later. 5 minutes later there is another buzz. It has to be a message, it could have been important, so I decided to check it.

When I saw who it was from I was just unable to stop smiling, my boyfriend of nearly 3 months sent me an absolutely beautiful SMS. It read:

From the moment I saw you.
From the moment I looked into your eyes.
There was something about you.
I knew….I knew.
That you were once in a lifetime.
A treasure near impossible to find.
And I know how lucky I am to have you,
Because I’ve seen rainbows that can take your breath away.
The beauty of the setting sun on any given day.
When it comes to shooting stars I’ve seen a few.
But I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you.
Love you”

Not only did that message made my day and remind me that I had someone who loves me in the world, more than my friends ever could (it is a different love really!)

My partner is one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog. The feeling of love, whether it is considered to be a real emotion or some euphoric state of mind, should be shared. That’s why this blog will not have anything negative in it, as I believe that there is a need for there to be a higher level of positivity in the world today.

I’m a realist though, while I love my boyfriend, if he found someone better to love, I would not hold any ill feelings against him. Love will always prevail. Hopefully, that will always be just love.

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Just Love: Music

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Love Music
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I have to say, Kylie Minouge’s new album will get you moving! I absolutely love it, it may not be for everyone, but it is so well executed that you never want it to stop.

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Just love : Picture

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Just to look at love, in the form of a love heart, can make a day brighter. 

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Just love <3

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And then they lived happily ever after.

But what happened before, and in this place of after? They must have loved, and possessed the essence of love.

This blog will be a love fest, it will change rapidly with each post. It will contain music, videos, pictures, quotes, and whoever knows what else it will hold, but it will cyber-electronically hold them.

Posts will vary from long to short to medium, they may be meaningful, and they may be complete nonsense. That happens.

Ultimately though, this is a blog where you, over coming weeks, will be invited to post up your lines of love, things that make your heart aflutter, things which you love.

This is the place for that gooey, sometimes disgusting, sometimes magical structure of love. Be it of people, animals, food, prose, you name it and you love it, this is the posting place for you.

I’m working on getting a facebook “like” page set up, and it’s going to be early days for a while, but hang tight, because this love roller coaster is buckled in, helmet strapped, and ready to go!